Alumni put up the address for "home"
| October 12, 2021

On the morning of March 28th, the School of Economics and Trade held the unveiling ceremony of the welcome stone donation in front of the newly decorated economic and trade building. With a total weight of 18 tons of yellow wax stone, "School of Economics and Trade of Hunan University" shines brightly. Alumni representatives of donation – Wei Huang, Feng Qin, Qiong Qiu and other students from Class 932 International Trade of Hunan University of Finance and Economics returned to attend the ceremony on behalf of 39 alumni in the class. Dean Junjun Hou, Secretary of the CPC SET Committee Shujin Zhu, Deputy Secretary Man Li, alumni director Zhouping Liu and Director Li Xiao attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhouping Liu, head of alumni work.

Shujin Zhu, party secretary, said at the ceremony, all the students of class 932 of international trade enthusiastically and selflessly feed their Alma Mater to congratulate on the new decoration of the college building. It will go down in history forever, inspire all faculty and students to work together with alumni and promote the discipline construction work of the school.The construction and development of theschool, teaching and scientific research, talent training are inseparable from the great help of our fellow students. On behalf of the whole faculty and students of theschool, he warmly welcomed the students back to school, who are always the most valuable wealth of the Alma Mater.

Dean Junjun Hou introduced the development of the school. After the merger of Hunan University of Finance and Economics and Hunan University in 2000, international trade, economics and other majors, passed on from generation to generation, have embarked on a new development journey and made remarkable leaps. The structure of the school has been optimized. The management system and mechanism have been constantly innovated. The construction of disciplines and specialties has been increasingly strengthened. And the international cooperation and exchanges have been continuously expanded. We look forward to your continued concern and support for the development of the school, and further exchanges and cooperation with the school in a wider range of areas and at a deeper level, so as to renew valuable friendship and seek common plans to build morality and cultivate people and create a better future together.

Wei Huang, the representative of class 932 of International Trade made a speech. He said his Alma Mater is a place where alumni have countless beautiful youth memories and deep feelings. As a student of the School of Economics and Trade, he felt very proud and honored. All the students of Class 932 of Hunan University of Finance and Economics wish to take the opportunity of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the schooland the completion of the new building, by donating the welcome stone. We can make a contribution to our Alma mater, reflecting the feeling of family attachment of the alumni. We hope to strengthen our ties in the future and wish the school a vigorous development.

Later, Shujin Zhu presented a certificate of appreciation to Feng Qin and Qiong Qiu, the leaders of class 932, and Junjun Hou and alumnus Wei Huang jointly opened the red cloth covering the entrance stone in the presence of all the participants. The solemn and simple ceremony came to an end.

It is reported that in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the School of Economics and Trade, this is the first in-kind donation initiated by the alumni of the first established class to boost the environment of the school and promote the construction of campus culture. The "Two firsts" will bring a good demonstration effect of the development of the school's liaison business.