| July 21, 2021

Brief introduction of Hunan university school of economics and trade College profile

Hunan University has a long history of economics science. As early as 1903, Yuelu Academy was transformed into a higher school in Hunan, and economics education began. When Hunan University was officially named in 1926, the Department of Economics was established and gradually developed into an important economic teaching and research center with great influence in China at that time; The economics discipline offormalHunan University of Finance and Economics originated in 1960, and formed a unique brand advantage in the development history of 40 years. A large number of outstanding economists, such as Ren Kainan, Zhou Dewei, Ding Hongfan, Pan Yuanlai, Xiang Shaoxuan, Li Da, Luo Zhanglong, Cao Tingfan, Zhu Jiannong, Xiao Jiewu, Hu Daiguang, Fan Hong and Wu Qiangan, were brought together, and a group of outstanding students, such as Yin Shijie and Wang Shubai, were trained.

With the great journey of reform and opening up, the college inherits the profound accumulation of " Millennium University, century famous university ", highlights interdisciplinary, insists on collaborative innovation, realizes rapid development, and continues the string song of Huxiang culture of "being practical, preaching and benefiting the people".

The School of Economics and Trade of Hunan University was established in 2002, which was formed by integrating related disciplines of the former Hunan University and the former Hunan University of Finance and Economics. Since its establishment more than ten years ago, the School of Economics and Trade has achieved rapid development in teaching staff, personnel training, scientific research and social services.

The college has two first-level doctoral authorization points and postdoctoral mobile stations in applied economics and theoretical economics, and two professional master's degree authorization points in international business and taxation. Applied economics and theoretical economics are the key disciplines in Hunan Province, and international trade is the national key discipline. They have undertaken the key construction project of "211 Project", the philosophy and social science innovation base of "985 Project" and the construction task of "Double First Class" discipline of Hunan University. The college has three undergraduate majors, namely, international economics and trade, economics and finance. It also has a national teaching team of international economics and trade, and an innovative experimental zone of national talent training mode of economics. It has one national-level first-class undergraduate major construction site—international economics and trade,andone provincial-level first-class undergraduate major construction site—economics major, one provincial-level training base for top-notch students in basic disciplines-International Trade.

The college has a faculty with high academic attainments, strong scientific research ability and rich teaching experience. The college has 73 full-time teachers, including 20 professors, 38 associate professors and 15 assistant professors. In the teaching staff, 81% of the teachers have doctoral degrees, and more than 80% of the teachers have experience in studying abroad. Among the teachers, there are distinguished professor, a Changjiang scholar from the Ministry of Education, a winner of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young People, a national famous teacher in teaching, a leading talent in philosophy and social sciences of the National "Ten Thousand Talents Program", a "four batches" of talents and famous cultural artists from the Central Propaganda Department, a national candidate for the Ministry of Education's "New Century Talents Project", a candidate for the "New Century Excellent Talents Support Program", distinguished professor of Hunan Province's "Furong Scholar Program", a winner of Hunan Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, outstanding social science experts and young social science experts of Hunan Province, a candidate of "Huxiang young talents" support program and a "Yuelu scholar" of Hunan University.

In recent years, the College has undertaken 15 major and key projects of the National Social Science Fund, international (regional) cooperation and exchange projects of the National Natural Science Fund,major research projects of philosophy and social sciences of the Ministry of Education and major projects of the National Soft Science Research Program, and presided over more than 60 national projects such as the National Social Science Fund, the National Natural Science Fund and the Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Fund of the Ministry of Education. More than 200 academic papers in important Chinese journals such as Chinese Social Sciences, Economic Research, Managing the World, and World Economy, and SSCI or SCI source journals such as Journal of Urban Economics, World Development, and China Economic Review, and won more than 30 provincial and ministerial awards such as the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the Humanities and Social Sciences Achievement Award of the Ministry of Education.

There are more than 1600 students in the college, including more than 900 undergraduates, more than 500 postgraduates, more than 100 doctoral students and more than 150 international students. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 98% for a long time, and the proportion of undergraduates going to first-class universities at home and abroad for further study has exceeded 50%. Graduates' employment destinations are mainly government agencies, financial institutions, large state-owned enterprises or multinational companies. The doctoral students trained by the college have won wide acclaim in the academic circles, and have become the target of being introduced by famous universities and research institutions in China.

The college is the first member unit of BRICS Network University. Professor Yang Xiaokai from Monash University in Australia, Professor Michael Conolly from Miami University in the United States, Professor Belton Fleisher from Ohio State University in the United States, Professor Xiao Zhijie from Boston College in the United States, Professor Li Haizheng from Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States and Professor Wei Yingqi from Leeds University in the United Kingdom have been invited as professors or visiting professors, and experts and scholars from more than 30 internationally renowned universities such as Harvard University in the United States, Oxford University in the United Kingdom and Cambridge University have been invited to conduct academic exchanges for many times. Established the "China-Australia Economic Policy Research Center" in cooperation with Monash University in Australia, and established the "International Research Center for Talent Strategy and Economic Development" in cooperation with Georgia Tech University in the United States.

"Tian Xingjian, the gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement; Terrain Kun, the gentleman with virtue ". The School of Economics and Trade of Hunan University will adhere to the training of "applying the world to the practical use, reforming the talents", carry forward the school spirit of "erudition, participation, accumulation and wisdom", focus on personnel training, further strengthen the team building, upgrade the discipline platform, enhance the scientific research strength, promote the internationalization level, and make due contributions to the economic development and the prosperity of economic disciplines.

(revised on March 9, 2020)