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Introduction to The School of Economics and Trade

Introduction to The School of Economics and Trade

The history of economics disciplines at Hunan University can be traced back to the Faculty of Business established in 1926. The prestigious Chinese economist and educationist, Kainan Ren, was appointed as professor, who later became the chair of economics department after WWII. The School of Business was founded in 1946, and professor Yugan Wu, one of the pioneer Chinese researchers in international trade, was appointed as the first dean of the school. The School of Economics and Trade was created by merging the economics and trade disciplines of former Hunan University and Hunan Institute of Finance and Economics. It has soon developed into a leading academic institution by carrying on the educational traditions of the “Ancient Millennium Academy,” relying on Hunan University’s advantages, and highlighting interdisciplinary infiltration of arts, science and engineering disciplines.

   The school now confers master’s and doctoral degrees in two first-level disciplines: theoretical economics and applied economics, the latter of which offers post-doctoral positions. The master’s program also features a third field in Taxation and International Business. Disciplines offering bachelor’s degrees include International Trade, Economics, and Finance and Taxation, among which International Trade is designated the National Key Discipline, and International Economics and Trade is the National Featured Discipline. The school currently has an enrollment of over 2,000 students, including 1,300 undergraduates, 550 master students, 150 doctoral students and around 100 international graduate students.

   The School of Economics and Trade hosts Hunan Key Base of Social Science for International Trade , Hunan Key Laboratory of Logistics Information and Simulation Technology, and International Research Center for Human Resources (IRCHR). It has also undertaken national key academic research programs, including the Key Disciplinary Development Project entitled “Research on China’s Opening Economics System,” which is subject to the “211” Project, and the Philosophy and Social Science Innovation Base for “Economic Opening up and Trade Development,” which is subject to the “985 Project”. Over the past five years, the school has undertaken a total of 38 state-level research projects, published 372 papers on Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) and domestic top journals. We have received 17 scientific awards, such as National Science and Technology Progress Award and Ministry of Education Science and Technology Advancement Award.

   The school has 14 staff and 76 faculty members, of which 29 are professors. Over half of the faculty received doctoral degrees from prestigious universities. Our distinguished faculty has received various honors, including National Outstanding Youth, Chang jiang Scholars, State Education Teachers, Council experts for Special Allowances,  national candidate of “Hundred, Thousand, and Ten Thousand Talents Program,” and Ministry of Education New Century Outstanding Talents. The school has a national-level teaching team, a national-level innovative training laboratory and two national quality courses.

   “As heaven maintains vigor through movements, one should constantly strive for self-perfection. As earth's condition is receptive devotion, one should hold the outer world with broad mind.”      By carrying such an aspiration, the School of Economics and Trade of Hunan University will follow its legacy of solidarity and enterprise, as well as its rigorous attitude in research, and engage in promoting professional education, elevating disciplinary platforms, increasing scientific research strength and enhancing international openness. The school is committed to making a significant and due contribution to academia and China’s economic development while it moves forward on its path to excellence.