Business case series courses for international students began
| October 9, 2021

In order to help international students better understand the difference between China's current business model and Africa's, as well as the mechanism of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation, theSchoolof Economics and Trade, the Academy of China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation and the Hatching Center for China-Africa International Students in Hecun African parkcooperated to record a series of business case courses for international students.

On the afternoon of March 24, 2021, Dr.Qimin You, founder of USTARBiotechnologies(Hangzhou)LTD, taught a vivid business case course themed "SolutionforCOVID-19Detection" in Room 205, Water Building, Finance Campus, starting the "first lesson" of this series of courses.More than 30 students attended, including 15 international students.

In teaching,firstly,Dr.Qimin Youintroducedthe background,bytwo simple picture showingthe spread of the coronavirus in richer and poorer regions are the phenomena of objective.And thenheintroducedthe present widely-usedcoronavirus direct inspection method and indirect method and principle and limitation of the PCR technology.PCR technology is effective. However,because of the cost and space requirements, it is difficult to apply to every place that needs to be tested.The result is a new technique that could change that. This paper introduces the application of new technology in the context of personal examination, clinic & small hospital examination, pandemic peak, places without medical facilities and the comparison with similar products, and expounds the promotion of related products in the world, especially in African countries.

Students who participate in the course actively ask questions,such as "new products in the champions league after the outbreak could have what application" "how is the application of the product in Africa", "the product to achieve a low price is how to control cost" and "the product is how to realize the accurate detection" in various environment problems.Through Dr.Qimin You's course, students had a basic understanding of the current development of Novel Coronavirus testing solutions in the global market, especially in Africa, as well as the concrete implementation process ofChina-Africa joint response to COVID-19. The business case course was successfully completed.

Contributor: Shuxian Ma

Reviewers: Hao Xiao, Hangtian Xu