Luo, Nengsheng(罗能生)
| September 8, 2021


Professor, Department of Economics

Luo Nengsheng is currently Professor at the Department of Economics, School of Economics and Trade, Hunan University. He is entitled as Counsellor of Hunan Provincial People's Government since December 2014. He received his PhD. in Economics from Hunan Normal University in June 2006. His research interests lie in property right theory and system innovation, regional economy and industrial development, resources, environment and public economy, International trade and cultural interaction, Economic culture and economic ethics. He has 8 economic publications and more than 200 academic papers on related topics.

Research fields  

1. property right theory and system innovation

2. regional economy and industrial development

3. Resources, Environment and Public Economy

4. International trade and cultural interaction

5. Economic culture and economic ethics