Wang, Jianhua(王建华)
| August 20, 2021

Associate Professor, Department of International Economics and Trade

Wang Jianhua is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Trade, School of Economics and Trade, Hunan University. He received a Ph.D. in Management from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in November 2002. His research interests lie in the application of the structural evolution theory of natural disciplines such as physics and biology,to social and economic big data, pattern recognition and data mining, and exploring the natural attributes and laws of economic and social group behavior. He has published more than 20 papers in domestic academic journals such as Journal of Management Science, Statistical Research, Industrial Economic Review, Science Research, International Trade Issues, etc.

Research fields  

1. Point pattern mining of micro innovation data

2. Research on Innovation System and Innovation Performance

Teaching fields

1. Industrial Economics

2. Marketing

3. Intermediate Industrial Economics