Mo, Sha(莫莎)
| August 20, 2021

Associate Professor, Department of International Economics and Trade

Mo Sha is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Trade, School of Economics and Trade, Hunan University. She received a Ph.D. in Economics from Wuhan University in 2005. She was a visiting scholar at the University of Regina, Canada (01/2011-01/2012). Her research interests lie in International Trade Theory and Policy, Environmental and Trade Issues, Service Trade. Her research has been published in well-known academic journals, such as Economic Daily, World Economy Studies, World Economics and Politics, Journal of International Trade, International Economics and Trade Research, etc. She was responsible for and participated in multiple national, provincial and ministerial projects, published a monograph "Coordinated Development of Trade, Investment and Environment-Based on the Perspective of Regional Economic Cooperation", presided over the compilation of the textbooks "International Trade Practices", "New International Trade", etc.

Research fields  

1. International Trade Theory and Policy

2. Environmental and Trade Issues  

3. Service Trade

Teaching fields

1. International Trade  

2. International Trade Practice

3. International Finance

4. Macroeconomics

5. International Trade Theory and Practice

6. World Economics

7. International Business

8. Regional Economic Integration