Li, Wei(李巍)
| August 20, 2021


Associate Professor, Department of International Economics and Trade

Li Wei is currently an Associate Professor at Department of International Economics and Trade, Business School of Economics and Trade, Hunan University. He received his Ph.D. from Hunan University in March 2010. His research interests focus on Logistics and supply chain management and High-tech industry development strategy. He has published over 20 papers in Journal of Cleaner Production, Kybernetes, China Soft Science (in Chinese), Chinese Journal of Management Science (in Chinese) etc. The programs he conducted include National Social Science Foundation Projects, National Soft Science Foundation Key Projects, and Provincial Projects.

He also served as Executive director and deputy secretary-general of Hunan Operational Research Society; Executive director and Deputy secretary-general of Hunan System Engineering and Management Society; Member of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers.

Research fields

1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

2. High-tech Industry Development Strategy

Teaching fields

1. Applied Statistics

2. Econometrics

3. Logistics Management

4. International E-commerce