Deng, Aimin(邓爱民)
| August 20, 2021


Professor, Department of International Economics and Trade

Deng, Aimin is Professor and Ph.D. supervisor of Department of International Economics and Trade at School of Economics and Trade, Hunan University. She received a Ph.D in Economics from Wuhan University of Technology in November 2005. Her research interests include logistics and supply chain (including financial) system, international and domestic transportation system, e-commerce, internet of Things, cloud computing system, blockchain and international and domestic trade.

Professor Deng is actively involved in many research institutions and professional organisations. She is the founder and director of Institute of Transportation and Logistics, Hunan University Sino-German Transportation and Logistics Research Center of Hunan University; Director of the Expert Committee of the Hunan Modern Logistics Society; Evaluation Expert of the National Social Science Fund; Evaluation Expert of the master and doctoral thesis of the Degree Center of the Ministry of Education. She also serves as an anonymous reviewer for Chinese Journal of Management Science, Chinese Journal of Management and Chinese Management Studies.

Research fields  

1. International and Domestic Logistics and Supply Chain System

2. International and Domestic Transportation System

3. E-commerce/Internet of Things/Cloud Computing System/Blockchain

4. International and Domestic Trade and Economic Growth

Teaching fields

1. Global Supply Chain Management ( English-taught)

2. Supply Chain Logistics Management

3. International Business

4. Strategic Supply Chain Management (postgraduate)

5. Logistics and supply chain management (postgraduate)