Ji, Yunyang(冀云阳)
| August 17, 2021

Email: Dufejyy@163.com

Assistant Professor, Department of Public Finance and Taxation

Ji Yunyang is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Finance and Taxation, School of Economics and Trade, Hunan University. He received a Ph.D in Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2019. His research interests lie in finance and taxation theory and policies and local government debt. His work has been published in Journal of Financial Research (in Chinese), The Quarterly Journal of Economics (in Chinese), Statistical Research (in Chinese), Finance and Trade Economics (in Chinese), Journal of Finance and Economics (in Chinese), Economist (in Chinese), Taxation Research (in Chinese), etc.  He also served as anonymous reviewer for Journal of Financial Research (in Chinese) and Journal of Finance and Economics (in Chinese).

Research fields  

1. Finance and Taxation Theory and Policies

2. Local Government Debt

Teaching fields

1. Tax Policy Analysis