Cao, Yanping(曹燕萍)
| August 17, 2021


Associate Professor, Department of Public Finance and Taxation

Cao Yanping is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Public Finance and Taxation, School of Economics and Trade, Hunan University. She received a master degree at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 1988. Her research interests lie in Theory and Practice of Taxation. She has published more than 40 professional papers in journals and newspapers, such as China Finance (in Chinese), Journal of Central University of Finance and Economics (in Chinese), Finance and Taxation (in Chinese), Finance and Economics Theory and Practice (in Chinese), etc. Besides, she has edited and participated in the editing of 10 textbooks and books, such as Tax Accounting, Taxation System, Taxation, Tax Law, Research on Optimization of Tax Structure in China, etc.

Research fields  

1. Finance and Taxation Theory and Policy

2. Tax Risk and Control  

3. Tax Administration and Tax Service

4. International Tax

Teaching fields

1. Tax System of China

2. Taxation

3. Tax Accounting

4. Tax Policy Analysis

5. Tax Practice Simulation