TAN, Guangrong(谭光荣)
| August 17, 2021

Email: tgr0921@163.com

PhD Supervisor, Department of Public Finance and Taxation

Tan Guangrong is currently Professor and the Director at Department of Public Finance and Taxation, Hunan University School of Economics and Trade. He received a Ph.D degree in Management of Wuhan University of Technology. He has published over 100 professional papers on taxation in national and provincial-level newspapers and journals, such as Management World (in Chinese), China Land Science (in Chinese), Public Finance Research (in Chinese), and Taxation Research (in Chinese).

Professor Tan also serves as Director of Institute of Tax Planning at Hunan University, Executive Director of Hunan International Taxation Research Association, Vice Chairman of Hunan Finance and Taxation Law Research Association, Director of Hunan Finance Society, member of Academic Committee of Hunan University School of Economics and Trade.

Research fields  

1. Taxation Theory and Policy

2. Industrial Taxation and Application  

3. Tax Risk and Control

4. Tax Administration and Tax Service

5. International Taxation

Teaching fields

1. Frontiers of Finance

2. Taxation

3. Taxation Policy Analysis

4. Tax Planning Risk Control